Take Your Driving Range Practice Into Your Round of Golf

Are you having trouble taking your great shots on the range into your round? Do you drop putts on the practice green and then fall apart on the putting green? Are you always making mechanical adjustments with your swing during your round of golf? Do you often blame bad shots on your mechanics?

You’re not alone! This is a habit I’ve observed with most golfers and it’s due to mental laziness. What? I know right now you’re saying, “I’m not mentally lazy”, but I guarantee that is what’s going on.

In this radio show I’ll teach you how to become mentally tough by doing a few things during your range practice and your round that will make a major difference in your results. Access this episode here: http://bit.ly/nkkO1C

Finally take your driving range and putting practice into your round!

After you listen to this show, you can access the tapping protocol for “Mental Laziness” here.


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